Dental Hygienists in Ontario can now work independently.  You don't need to see a Dentist every time you have your teeth cleaned!  The Hygienist provides an oral assessment and will refer you to your Dentist if any oral concerns detected.


Dentists and Hygienists provide different services.  You see a Dentist for dental work and you see a Dental Hygienist for hygiene services.   ANALOGY:  You see a hairdresser to have you hair done and you see an esthetician to have your nails done....and they don't need to be under the same roof!


Although dental x-rays may be necessary, there is no such thing as a ROUTINE x-ray.  Dental x-rays should be prescribed by a dentist who should legally assess your mouth prior to ordering an   x-ray!


You are still loyal to your Dentist when supporting an Independent Dental Hygienist!  It is unethical for a Dentist to treat you differently if you choose to see an Independent Dental Hygienist.



lower fee guide (great for employers and people with no insurance)

flexible and evening hours

no wait time...when your treatment is done, you are done!

insurances accepted as well as ODSP and Healthy Smiles Program

monthly specials!


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